UCF Sorority Suspended Over Hazing, Drinking and Drug Use Allegations

The University of Central Florida suspended a sorority after receiving an anonymous complaint of hazing that alleged members were forcing others to drink to excess and do drugs.

The school was alerted after a post on the website greekrank.com detailed a girl’s experience in the Pi Beta Phi sorority. The university suspended the sorority from all activities, including fund-raisers and recruiting events while the school investigates the allegations.

The sorority “takes seriously any allegation of hazing or member conduct which does not align with the core values of the organization,” senior director of strategic initiatives Shawn Eagleburger wrote in an email to the Orlando Sentinel.

“At this time, we do not believe the full chapter was involved in wrongdoing; however we are looking closely at the actions of individual members to ensure any misconduct is addressed,” Eagleburger wrote. “There is no place in Pi Beta Phi for hazing, the abuse of alcohol or use of illegal substances as reflected in the fraternity’s educational resources and policies.”

The sorority was suspended the same day as the Sigma Kappa fraternity which is also facing hazing allegations.

According to the anonymous complaint, the Pi Beta Phi member was forced to “take shots and chug and get blacked out” as part of an initiation into a group within the sorority referred to as “the mafia.”

“I’ve had to take care of her a few times because she was incoherent and throwing up for hours,” the post said. “She was never a big drinker before this.”

The sorority member was also forced to take the recreational drug Molly, the post said.

“She wants to drop and report them but is too scared because they said if anyone snitches they’ll know who it was and they’ll find a way out of trouble because they’ve ‘gotten out of any investigation before’ and will deny everything. So she feels stuck,” the post said, adding “Y’all need to get this under control.”

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