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Cari S. Simon is one of the nation’s leading Title IX attorneys representing survivors of sexual assault, stalking, dating violence, and sexual harassment in university and K–12 settings nationwide. She is a graduate of Harvard Law School, cum laude.

Ms. Simon has been credited with the inclusion of stalking and dating violence in the definition of sexual harassment under Title IX, and her impact litigation ensured universities are responsible under Title IX for sexual violence at fraternity houses.

Ms. Simon represents scores of survivors on college campuses and in K-12. She effectively represents survivors in campus disciplinary proceedings, and in obtaining remedies and accommodations to ensure survivors can safely and fully access the benefits of their education.

To hold schools accountable for failing to uphold survivors’ rights, Ms. Simon represents survivors in Title IX litigation against universities, and her efforts have launched multiple federal investigations into colleges and schools.

Widely regarded as a Gender Violence Policy Expert, Ms. Simon directed the United States Congressional Victims’ Rights Caucus, advised gender-based violence legislative efforts in numerous states, and was appointed to the Sexual Misconduct Advisory Committee by the Colorado Department of Higher Education, and is a lecturer at Harvard Law School.


  • “My abuser was finally held accountable for so many things that were otherwise going unheard and unrecognized. With Cari’s help, I was able to focus on healing through the PTSD I developed, rather than always living in fear that my education and my career would continue to be threatened. Prior to Cari’s help, I felt completely helpless and alone in my fight in asking my university to help protect me from continuous abuse and misconduct. I am toward the final stages of gaining my doctorate and in the last year was hired as a teaching fellow for another university. Had Cari not been such an incredible advocate, I don’t know if I would be where I am at this moment.”
  • “Cari saved our family. Period. Without Cari, we would be one of the many many families who carry the burden of sexual assault on their dysfunctional shoulders for the rest of our lives. Instead, we are an informed, happy, resilient family.”
  • “I would highly recommend Cari because of her passion for the rights of survivors, her compassion to her clients, her knowledge of Title IX and all laws pertaining to social justice, her dogged work ethic, and her connections to other experts in the field.”


  • J.D., Harvard Law School, cum laude
    • Dean’s Award for Community Leadership
    • Editor-in-Chief, Harvard Journal on Law & Gender


Ms. Simon is a sought-after advisor, speaker, and trainer for a wide range of organizations seeking to advance Victims’ Rights across the United States including:

  • National Association of Attorneys General
  • National Crime Victims Law Institute
  • National Women’s Law Center
  • National Organization of Victim Assistance, Faculty

Media Features:

  • The New York Times
  • The Washington Post
  • National Public Radio (“NPR”)
  • Good Morning America
  • Inside Edition


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