Popular TX Meteorologist, Kelly Plasker, Posted Wrenching Confession on Facebook Before Her Suicide

Kelly Plasker, 42, had worked for news station KCBD in Texas, US, for three years before her tragic death.

Since the news emerged, KCBD revealed she died just two years after her teenage son committed suicide and she too had been battling depression.

In a tragic final post to Facebook before her death, Plasker spoke of her own struggles after a man twice her age preyed on her when she was in high school.

“He was supposed to be somebody looking out for me, but instead of looking out for me he looked at me in ways that men should not look at children,” she wrote.

“The bad habits and games being in that five-year-long relationship can be called grooming and abusive, at times I call it total manipulation.

“I have unfortunately carried [it] into relationships of mine that would’ve probably been beautiful had I not been convinced that I wasn’t worthy.”

She added the man snuffed out her future and her ambitions before he convinced her not to leave the town of Lubbock in Texas and promised her a new life together.

“Those promises quickly shattered when I learned that he was still playing house in two different cities,” she revealed.

She added she was the victim of the man’s inappropriate use of authority as an educator, and had been contacted by more women with similar stories to her own.

“I needed all that out there as my final confession for the sins I am responsible for adding to the cross,” she finished.

“I love you my friends. My brain is broken and I cannot take it anymore.”

In a tribute aired on KCBD, news anchor Karin McCay said Plasker was “a bright spot in our weekend mornings”.

“For three years, Kelly was that spunky weather girl every Saturday and Sunday morning on Newschannel 11,” McCay said.

“What you couldn’t see on TV was a broken heart. I remember one day two years ago when she and I sat and talked in the studio and she told me her world would never be the same. She said, ‘He was 19-years-old, two weeks away from turning 20’.

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