Our Lawsuit Against LSU Argues That Title IX Protections Discriminate Against Fraternity Members

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U.S. District Court Judge Shelly D. Dick recently ruled that she would allow the Title IX allegations in the Gruver family’s lawsuit to go to trial.

Judge Dick agreed with our argument that men involved in Louisiana State’s Greek system possibly “face a risk of serious injury and death,” which is a far cry from how university administrators publicly portray Greek culture on campus.

Douglas Fierberg, the Gruver family’s lawyer, contends that because the university has essentially protected sorority members by limiting hazing among them, it has violated Title IX by not doing the same for fraternities.


Four fraternity pledges, including Max, have died from hazing at Louisiana State since 1979, while “hazing of female Greek students is virtually nonexistent.”


“Part of the reason why the fraternity industry is so dangerous and the risks unprecedented is because neither they nor the universities disclose the truth about the risks of injuries and deaths.  The start of meaningful reform begins with public disclosures of the truth so that people can truly understand the depth of the problem and come up with the right solutions,” Fierberg stated. “The facts upon which that theory is based is on solid (though previously untested) legal grounds. Universities will have to implement meaningful changes to the educational programs (Greek Life) they promote with misleading information. This is why we (and no other firm) succeeded in filing deceptive trade practice claims against Penn State arising out of the hazing death of Marquis Braham because it, like so many other universities, refused to tell and disclose the truth.”

“If these facts are proven, a jury may infer that LSU’s policy created the heightened risk to Greek male students of serious injury or death by hazing, thereby inflicting the injury alleged herein,” Judge Dick wrote in her ruling.

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