Motion Filed in Illinois Federal Court Providing Factual Detail of Extensive Sexual Abuse, Discrimination & Retaliation Suffered by Our Clients at Macomb Senior High School

Macomb, IL – Yesterday, two young women, Jane Doe and Jane Roe, filed a motion in Illinois federal court providing factual detail of the extensive sexual abuse, discrimination, and retaliation they suffered at Macomb Senior High School, in Macomb, Illinois.  Both young women were sexually assaulted by the same male student at the high school, two years apart, in nearly identical circumstances.  In 2014, school administrators received multiple reports – from a teacher at the school, Jane Doe, and Jane Doe’s mother – that the perpetrator, a child of a Macomb Senior High School teacher, was sexually battering and verbally harassing Jane Doe at school.  Administrators failed to respond to those reports and misinformed Jane Doe’s mother that they were handling the situation.  The perpetrator left undisciplined and unsupervised by the school, went on to isolate, restrain, and sexually assault Jane Doe in the school band room in 2014, and similarly, sexually violate Jane Roe in the school auto shop in 2016.

Even after both young women reported the assaults to school officials and law enforcement, and criminal charges were filed against the perpetrator, Macomb Senior High School administrators did not issue disciplinary sanctions against him, and they refused to comply with two court-issued protective orders, including a judge’s explicit order that the perpetrator be transferred to a different school.

The motion also provides detail of the retaliation and retribution each young woman faced after reporting the sexual assaults, from the perpetrator’s parent, who taught both Plaintiffs’ math class, and from the Macomb School District itself, which refused to allow Jane Roe  — who had temporarily transferred to an alternative school out of concern for her own safety — to return to the school her freshman year, withdrew her Section 504 plan, and refused to allow her to participate in extracurricular activities.

As detailed in the Complaint filed by the Plaintiffs, Doe and Roe are suing the Macomb School District, the High School Principal and Assistant Principal, as to hold them accountable and to make sure that the sexual violence and misconduct they endured does not happen to anyone else.

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