Mohawk High School Football Team in Pennsylvania Inactive Due to Hazing Allegations

The Mohawk Area School District and local law enforcement are investigating hazing allegations involving the high school football team.

Mohawk students will start school on Wednesday, but fans will not fill the stands at their football stadium on Friday.

Several parents said they hope the Mohawk Area School District and Lawrence County District Attorney will get to the bottom of hazing allegations involving the high school football team.

“Him being a senior this year, it’s going to take away from his experience. Hopefully, they get it resolved soon and get it taken care of,” said Patrick McCready, whose son is a senior in the marching band.

The Mohawk Warriors were scheduled to play Union High School at home on Friday, but the game has been called off.

Mohawk Area School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Leitera said in part, “The Junior Varsity and Varsity Football Program will remain inactive until at least Sunday, August 28, 2022. This includes all activities and games, both Junior Varsity and Varsity. The investigation into alleged misconduct involving the High School Football Team is ongoing. The District is still working with law enforcement and the District Administration continues its own investigation.”

Parents said band members, cheerleaders and the entire Warriors community will be disappointed if more games are canceled.

“They’ve been preparing all summer for this, for the marching band, a lot of work went into it and to have it just taken away, a couple of years ago it was COVID, really messed things up, and now we’re looking at for this year with this,” McCready said.

Randie McClellan’s son plays for the peewee football team and her daughter is a JV cheerleader.

“A little bit sad, like upset, because I know I would never want nothing like that to happen to my kids. My kids are involved in sports, and I’d be very upset if something ever happened to one of my kids,” McClellan said.

She and other parents hope the truth comes to light.

“We are all Mohawk Warrior fans, we’re all into it. Everyone that has kids that do cheer, football, they are all into it. And it’s going to be a shame that they don’t have games to go to this year. Hopefully it gets resolved and figure out exactly what happened,” McClellan said.

Superintendent Leitera also said, “Because this matter involves minor students and matters protected by student confidentiality, the District will not be providing additional details while the investigation is pending. Conducting a thorough investigation and prioritizing student safety remains the District’s highest priorities. A statement will be forthcoming when the investigation has been completed and the District would be appreciative if there is understanding and patience as the investigative process is being conducted.”

Lawrence County District Attorney Joshua Lamancusa has not commented.

Union High School’s principal said with the game against Mohawk on Friday being canceled, Union High School is knowing playing Canton High School at home on Friday.


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