LSU Suspends Kappa Sigma Fraternity Over Hazing, Breaking COVID Rules

An LSU fraternity is under interim suspension as the university investigates allegations that include hazing and an out-of-control party with hundreds of people last semester.

A letter sent to the Kappa Sigma fraternity Wednesday from LSU’s student affairs office laid out a slew of alleged violations throughout the 2020 fall semester, including a massive off-campus party with about 300 people and reports of underage drinking. New members were reportedly deprived of sleep, forced to run errands, and made to serve as bartenders as well.

Several of the other complaints involved the fraternity violating the university’s coronavirus safety rules. Kappa Sigma is scheduled to meet with a Student Advocacy & Accountability officer next month to discuss the issues.

The fraternity was first placed on suspension back in January, according to the letter. You can read it HERE.

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