Illinois Wesleyan Suspends Fraternity After Alleged Hazing

Illinois Wesleyan University is investigating a reported hazing incident involving a fraternity.

In a letter sent to the campus community, Dean of Students Karla Carney-Hall said a first-year student in Sigma Chi’s new membership class was injured as a result of a hazing incident Saturday night, April 10th.

“We immediately launched an investigation regarding both individual and chapter responsibility for violations of our Student Code of Conduct. All Sigma Chi chapter operations have been suspended pending this investigation,” she wrote.

The incident occurred at the fraternity’s house, which is on campus at 111 E. Emerson St. Further details about the incident and the student’s injuries were not released.

Carney-Hall asked anyone with information regarding any hazing incidents to report them on the university website, saying “we want to ensure student safety and support in all of our campus experiences.”

“Hazing is reprehensible, unacceptable and contrary to our campus values. We do not condone hazing and our investigation will examine individual incidents as well as any culture of hazing,” Carney-Hall wrote. “All of our student organizations, teams and campus experiences must embrace positive leadership development and community building and refuse to allow abusive, outdated rites of passage to shape our organizations.”

Sigma Chi could not be immediately reached for comment.

According to the Alpha Iota chapter website, Sigma Chi follows the Jordan Initiative, “a movement to eradicate hazing and other practices inconsistent with the fraternity’s values.”

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