Student dies after visiting delta sigma phi fraternity at California State University – Fresno.

The death of a 19 year old at Fresno State University Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house has sparked a police investigation.

With any devastating circumstance, questions mount – how does a community prevent future tragedies and who should be held responsible?

The student, whose name is not being released at this time, reportedly lay unconscious on the Delta Sigma Pi fraternity house porch before being taken to St. Agnes hospital where he was pronounced dead. 

Fresno Police say by the time they received the medical call for help the young man had passed away. The investigation is ongoing.

Douglas Fierberg – a nationally acclaimed wrongful death attorney representing clients who have sued universities, national fraternities and local chapter members for alcohol and drug-related student deaths – cautions:  

“Even if a party is held at an off-campus fraternity house, the hosts and the organization may still be liable. These organizations need to be rendered safe, there is no excuse for not intervening.”

Fierberg, who is regularly featured in The New York Times to discuss the perils of fraternity hazing violence and death explains:

“The central problem is that in a fraternity house, kids, most of who cannot legally drink, are in charge of getting and serving alcohol.”

Having represented victims of similar tragedies associated with fraternities, our hope is that the friends and family of the victim find answers related to how this terrible loss transpired.


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