Clark County School District Battles History of Personnel Violating Students, 5 Charged in 3 Months

Clark County School District faces increased public scrutiny as another teacher is arrested on allegations of sexual involvement with a student.

In just three months this year, from April to June, five Clark County School District personnel members have been charged. Out of the five teachers arrested, four were found to have communicated privately with students without the knowledge of their parents – boding the question, should teachers be able to text and message their students?

“Over the past 10 years, more than 30 Clark County School District employees have been arrested for alleged sexual misconduct. Six served jail time, six had charges dismissed, and the rest were given probation or have charges pending.” – The Las Vegas Sun

5 Clark County School District teachers have been charged with sexual misconduct in the past 3 months

Experts say private contact with students often encourages and magnifies “grooming” behavior, where would-be abusers lower a student’s resistance through constant “friendly” communication.

In response to the sharp rise of these cases and the media coverage such charges inevitably brings, Clark County School District tells the Las Vegas Sun that the district is looking at ways to provide students and teachers a safer way to communicate, though they haven’t offered specifics..

“CCSD is exploring multiple technology platforms and applications that allow students and teachers to communicate in a setting that protects both the students and staff members from inappropriate and private messaging while still allowing a means for communicating critical information pertinent to academic achievement,” district spokeswoman Michelle Booth said in a statement.

Attorney Monica Beck of The Fierberg National Law Group has represented countless victims of similar circumstance in civil litigation cases garnering national attention, bringing suit on behalf of students against the schools that were supposed to protect them against predatory behavior that has become all too common. Specializing in advocating for and representing victims of sexual abuse in the K-12 school setting, Monica recently gave a presentation to the National Association of Attorneys General discussing past sexual assault cases and issues concerning investigation and response to sexual assault in elementary, middle and high schools.

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