Bill 423 (Max Gruver Act) to Prevent Hazing Introduced into GA State Senate

You are currently viewing Bill 423 (Max Gruver Act) to Prevent Hazing Introduced into GA State Senate

ATLANTA (CBS46) – Georgia State Senator John Albers (R-Roswell) introduced Senate Bill 423 during the 2020 session.

Senate Bill 423, also known as the “Max Gruver Act,” is designed to reduce and prevent hazing at Georgia’s colleges and universities.

“Unfortunately, some hazing rituals at colleges and universities across the country have caused injuries or even deaths,” said Sen. Albers. “One such victim was Max Gruver, a Roswell native who passed away following a ritual who this bill is named after to honor his legacy. Max’s parents, Steve and Rae Ann Gruver have dedicated their lives to keeping others safe and I am honored to work with them on this important legislation.”

SB 423 would make it illegal for any person to haze a student as a condition to gain acceptance into a school organization. The bill provides an updated definition of the term “hazing” and establishes penalties of a misdemeanor of a high and aggravated nature punishable with up to 12 months incarceration or a fine of $5,000, or both, for anyone found to engage in hazing.

If a hazing incident led to death or serious bodily injury, the penalties would be escalated to a felony punishable by up to 10 years of imprisonment, a fine of up to $25,000, or both.

Finally, the bill establishes standards and reporting requirements for the Georgia DOE, the Board of Regents, TCSG and private post-secondary institutions for hazing incidents that take place on their campuses.

For more information on Senate Bill 423, click here.

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