BGSU Frats Suspended: Students Hospitalized After Parties

Bowling Green State University (BGSU) has suspended two fraternities following investigations into hazing accusations in off-campus houses.

The University reports it received a dozen complaints against the local chapter of Delta Chi, while it was under suspension.

In one, the University reports an underage BGSU student was found passed out outside one of the off-campus houses and was taken to the hospital.

Other incidents detail days-long parties, noise complaints and littering.

There is also a new report against the chapter from Fall of 2020, according to the University, about an on-campus incident where new members were forced to consume hot sauce and trespass on private property.

Delta Chi was going to be allowed to petition the University for reinstatement for summer 2022.

BGSU now says it has extended the Delta Chi chapter’s suspension to the fall of 2026.

“Since the suspension, the University received many concerning reports regarding the off-campus activity of this unrecognized student organization and its members. To be clear, the University will not tolerate behavior that disregards the Code of Student Conduct and the health and safety of those students involved,” BGSU Deputy Chief of Staff and University Spokesperson Alex Solis said in a statement.

BGSU has also taken action against Phi Delta Theta for multiple violations of the Code of Student Conduct.

The complaints include parties with underage drinking in which multiple students needed medical help, the University says.

“The four separate reports that were received related to the October 9 and 10 party were quite serious in nature and referenced individuals being highly intoxicated, two individuals being transported to the Wood County Hospital for their intoxication levels, and a 16-year-old being served alcohol at the party,” the Conduct Letter states.

The fraternity was already on deferred suspension status when the incidents took place.

Phi Delta Theta at BGSU is suspended until fall of 2024 as a result.

Bowling Green State University permanently expelled the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity in April 2021 following the death of Stone Foltz.

The 20-year-old died from alcohol poisoning after an incident where authorities said members of the fraternity gave pledges bottles of alcohol and encouraged them to finish them.

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