Baylor University Fraternity President Accused of Rape

Phi Delta Theta chapter president at Baylor University charged with sexual assault.

Anderson charged with sexual assault at BU frat party. 

Jacob Anderson turned himself into police on March 3rd, twelve days after a warrant was issued for the alleged rape of a female co-ed at a fraternity party in South Waco, Texas.

In a statement released by Waco police, “While at a party, the female was handed a drink of some kind of punch and told to drink it. Shortly after she became very disoriented, was taken outside by the suspect [Anderson] and forcibly sexually assaulted.”

Having represented victims of sexual assault at fraternities, our hope is that the victim in this case, and her family, find all of the answers related to how such an egregious crime happened and, in the end, hold those responsible for this tragedy accountable to the full extent of the laws.

Read the New York Daily News article here.

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