19-Year-Old Trenton “Trent” Lehrkamp Reportedly ‘Tortured & Humiliated’ by Teens at Party on St. Simons Island, GA

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Trenton Lehrkamp, 19, was subjected to torture, humiliation and assault, according to a GoFundMe page.

Lehrkamp was picked up from his house by “people who he thought were his friends,” according to a GoFundMe page set to up to raise funds to pay his medical bills. “Trent wouldn’t know until it was too late that these were not friends, but vile and abusive perpetrators who would go on to torture, humiliate, and assault him in inhumane, terrifying ways for hours.”

Glynn County police said Trenton Lehrkamp was dropped off the evening of Tuesday, March 21 at Southeast Georgia Health Center. He was highly intoxicated from a mixture of controlled substances and alcohol.

The car pulled up to the emergency room entrance around 8:30 p.m. and reported that Lehrkamp “was unresponsive after drinking vodka and antidepressants.”

A witness opened the back door of the Jeep Wrangler and found Lehrkamp’s clothes were “soaked with urine.” He also “had spray paint all over his body and hair,” the report said.

As they got Lehrkamp out of the car, the juveniles “kept asking if they were free to leave” but they were asked to write their contact information on a sheet of paper so they could be contacted if hospital staff had any more questions.

Lehrkamp “could not breathe independently, so they had to sedate him and put him on a ventilator,” police said of hospital staff. He was only breathing six times per minute.

Hospital staff also told police that Lehrkamp’s blood alcohol level was at 0.464%, which is six times over the legal limit. The legal limit in Georgia for a person below 21 is 0.02%, meaning he was 23 times over what is allowed for his age.

Lehrkamp’s father told police that earlier that day, his son was “perfectly fine” when he went to his friend’s house just before 5 p.m.

Police said that Lehrkamp’s father told them that whenever he goes over to his friend’s house, whose name was redacted from the police report, “he never returns home normal.”

Ongoing Bullying and Harassment

Lehrkamp’s father told the officer about an incident on Fri., Mar. 17, where Lehrkamp “came home covered in WD-40, vomit, paint, glue, egg yolk, and spray paint.”

Two weeks before that, Lehrkamp “seemed high or drunk,” his father told police. He had to be taken to the emergency room “because he came home with a severe laceration above his left eye that required stitches.”

Lehrkamp goes over to the friend’s house because he “has no other friends,” his father told police and when he goes there, “he is accepted and with people he thinks cares for him.”

His father also told police he “believes that since they are younger than Trenton, he might think they look up to him.” He also said that his son “would not fight or defend himself against (name redacted) or any of the other juveniles because Trenton knows that since they are minors if he hurts them he will get in serious trouble.”

This brutal incident allegedly involved several former and current Glynn County Schools students.


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