18 Indicted After Hazing Incident at Miami U Fraternity

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (FOX19) – Eighteen men have been indicted following an alleged fraternity hazing incident at Miami University in March.

According to the Journal News, a Butler County grand jury returned 64 misdemeanor charges against the men.

Reports of the March incident indicate that students were beaten with spiked paddles, kicked and were forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol and smoke marijuana. A student was hospitalized as a result of the hazing.

In August, the Delta Tau Delta chapter at Miami University was suspended until 2034.

Claire Wagner, director of University News and Communications at Miami, confirmed that the fraternity was found responsible for three violations in the school’s code of conduct in May.

After the chapter appealed, Wagner said, the university’s findings were upheld, and Delta Tau Delta was suspended through March 16, 2034.

According to the Journal News, the indictment contains charges of assault and hazing. Some men will face two charges, while others face as many as six charges.

The chapter has an option to petition after 10 years in 2029 to be reinstated on campus.

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